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Whether you run an IT organization or a post-production operation for a major network, Vmirror appliances provide Apple-based SANs with an unmatched level of uninterruptible, high-availability data access and continuous data protection.

Vmirror High Availability Appliance

Vmirror is a purpose-built, Fibre Channel appliance that routes and transparently mirrors data from Xserve, Mac Pro, and other host systems to Xserve RAID and Apple-compatible storage systems. Depending on your needs, Vmirror is available in either 4Gbit or 2Gbit FC versions.

The Vmirror architecture is highly scalable. It operates in dual-engine clusters to create high availability and continuous data protection with no single point of failure over the data path from host to storage system. Should outage occur anywhere in the data path, Vmirror's hardware mirroring engines fails over instantly to alternate storage and data path without host interruption --- a key requirement for mission-critical environments like HD video broadcast and video post-production.

Vmirror is designed for easy operation with Apple storage. Mirroring and failover is managed automatically by Vmirror, which is made fully transparent to system and storage by built-in virtualization. To connected hosts, Vmirror-protected Xserve RAID appears as an unbreakable volume, impervious to component outages. No host software or drivers are required, reducing administration and eliminating CPU overhead.

4Gbit Acceleration with Uninterruptible Video Streaming

Vmirror 4G delivers a sustained throughput of over 700MB/sec when used with mirrored Xserve RAID or Apple-compatible storage systems such as Promise Technology's VTrak RAID. Higher throughput comes not only with 4Gbit Fibre Channel implementation, but also through read and write caching, command re-ordering, video read modes to enhance isochronous data delivery, and read/write filtering that reduces video streaming interruptions.

In addition, enhanced availability levels are provided by Vpath™ software and specially designed Vmirror 4G hardware options. Vpath software continuously monitors HBA operation through the SCSI device services layer, providing HBA failover protection in addition to Mac OS X device driver safeguards. For video applications, Vpath's dual-channel read option can be paired with video read mode to concurrently stream mirrored data. Should an interruption occur on either data path, Vmirror 4G shifts to the alternate path at full streaming rates-with no frame drops.