The Solution to Offload Your Migration Tasks

Vicom’s migration appliance and consulting services simplify complex data transitions, eliminate uncertainty, and help you keep projects on schedule with confidence. Whether it is moving on-premise, between data centers or into a privatecloud, migrate your SAN data quickly, efficiently, and accurately without disrupting your business.

Let Vicom take the work of migration off your hands and move your data with confidence using the fastest hardware solution on the market backed by a team of dedicated storage migration experts. It is the fastest, easiest, least disruptive way to perform your storage migration.

Instead of spending time in researching, evaluating, documenting & learning best practices the hard way, you get complete storage migration expertise beginning with day #1. Vicom consulting services work with you to architect the solution, develop methodology, assist in discovery & planning, share best practices & develop deliverables specific to your environment and requirement within days rather than months. Get started today by clicking below.


Move Data Faster

Our appliance-based migration solution incorporates our technology and consulting expertise to streamline the entire migration process with wire-speed transfer for the fastest migration possible: For example, from planning to completion, we have migrated 3 petabytes from one data center to another data center in 6 months.

Move Data With Support

Stop losing valuable time. You can get started immediately with our support. Vicom has more than 20 years of total customer experience migrating more than 400 petabytes of data on 400,000 servers of all makes and models for more than 2,000 companies. Our sole focus is data migration; let us bring our expertise to you.

Move Data Seamlessly

With Vicom’s migration solution, data transfer can occur without outages and without interrupting your application or business. Migration runs in the background without impacting your operations or your customers’.

Move Data by Application

Eliminate the burden associated with traditional host-based migration methods that transfer data from each server individually. Entire business applications spanning multiple servers and storage systems can be migrated in one session with Vicom’s appliance-based solution.


Move Data Without Risk

Complete your storage migration with confidence. In the unlikely event of new storage performance issues, Vicom can reinstate your original set-up with ease. Some migration methods offer no option to fall back to your original system configuration.


Purpose-Built Technology

Complex environments require efficient solutions. Avoid the chaos of ad hoc, system-dependent technologies used in traditional migration methods with Vicom’s storage area network virtualization — one external, purpose-built device and backed by an expert migration consulting service. None of your production resources are tapped, and none of your servers need to be altered or impacted.


A Game-Changing Migration-Offload Engine

The Vicom Data Migration Appliance (DMA) is a purpose-built, scalable migration hardware designed to optimize the data copy process regardless of storage, operating system, database, middleware or applications used. It is the least disruptive method with no software or agent required on production servers. No user data is stored in the hardware making it completely safe.

  • Unique distributed architecture provides scalability to meet the performance needs of even the most demanding data migrations.
  • Clustered OS, Boot LUN, software de-duped data, or synchronizing an application move, Vicom’s transparent architecture simplifies your complex migration while maintaining business continuity without sacrificing the level of service.
  • Automated software minimizes the cost of migration by automating migration steps.

Vicom makes the complexities of storage migration simple.

Schedule a demo today to learn more about how we can meet the needs of your enterprise with an appliance-based solution and expert consulting that gets your data to its destination fast and painlessly. Let us help you start your migration today.

Customer Testimonials

Deutsche Bank

“The migration was performed online without business disruption, while meeting all high availability requirements. The consolidation and associated migration was proclaimed a huge success. In a single weekend, we successfully re-located the data from our New York City site to its New Jersey site. Servers were then transported to the new site, resulting in a new, consolidated site without even minor interruption of service.”


“Data Migration, though a critical part of the project, is integral to the storage solutions, and we did not want to invest scarce IT resources in this one time activity. We counted on Vicom to provide on-time, turnkey migration services, and they delivered.”

Logan Aluminum

“We knew enough about the Vicom solution that we felt comfortable and since InfoSystems was willing to stand by the result, the decision was easy. Our past experience with host-based migration software like Robocopy, Scopy, and Rcopy has shown that they are too slow. By using Vicom’s migration technology, the migration was accomplished in a little over 24 hours, including security permissions, and our shares remained intact.”