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Vicom Systems, Inc., is an industry leader in data migration tools, technologies and services, with the world’s best solution for data migration at scale.

Many enterprises underestimate the sheer level of work and risk involved in data storage migration. Many things can go wrong during these critical projects and potentially impact your core business systems. The priority must be maintaining optimum performance, consistent uptime and the availability of mission-critical data.


Why Choose Us

Vicom is a pioneer in the field of enterprise data storage, and received a major infusion of venture capital of $30M in 2001. In 1995, we became the first company to deliver non-disruptive, wire-speed data services for storage and data centers using a purpose-built appliance. We were first again in 2001 when we delivered high-performance, appliance-powered storage migration. We’ve focused all our efforts in that area ever since 2008.

We help companies clarify the migration process and identify their unique migration needs and challenges from every angle. Our mission is to bring scalability, speed, and clarity to storage migration projects at an affordable, fixed per-terabyte price. This empowers businesses to execute large-scale migrations with focus and confidence in the outcome.

    • 20 years of leading the data migration industry
    • Game-changing data migration technology
    • Tier-1 migration partners, including IBM and HPE
    • Customer-centric data migration for multiple industries
    • Total solution control ensures repeatable, predictable delivery at fixed per-terabyte price

To accomplish that, we’ve developed a revolutionary new data transfer tool: The Data Migration Appliance (DMA). The DMA is a one-of-a-kind data migration appliance that plugs directly into your storage networks to offload the resource burden from your systems and personnel such that your business applications and people are undisturbed. It is the most scalable, reliable and efficient way to perform data migrations today.

We are the only migration service provider that puts total control of the end-to-end solution under one team — fully integrating our proprietary appliance technology and expert migration consulting services into one repeatable, seamless and flexible migration methodology. Our migration experts exercise that methodlogy every day while executing enterprise-level SAN migrations for clients around the world.

The Vicom team can handle all your migration details and every step of the process, from discovery to planning, preparation, migration, and application cutover.

As innovators and creators, our proprietary migration appliance with embedded SAN virtualization technology has been granted seven patents. Our appliance technology has proven reliability and interoperability, as demonstrated by tier-1 OEM wins and OEM branded products and their strenuous and diligent verification and test processes. (IBM in 1997, HPE in 2000, Sun Microsystems in 2000 and Apple in 2007).

In 2002, IBM was the early adopter and partner to release our appliance-based storage migration solution for migrations from non-IBM storage arrays to IBM. IBM branded the migration solution “IBM Piper”, marketed it worldwide, and rolled out the solution as an exclusive and standard migration practice for it’s speeds plus reliability to handle migration complexities. Subsequently, Vicom won contracts and partnered with multiple tier-1 storage vendors, such as NetApp, HPE, HPE/3PAR, and IBM, to deliver high performance, data center storage migrations through their Professional Services (PS) organizations and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) worldwide.

The Vicom data migration tools, technologies and services are proven with over 20 years of validations and developing best practices and working with world class, storage and data center professionals. Once businesses see the benefits of the Vicom solution, they seldom choose another migration methodology. Connect with us to learn more about mastering data migration today.

  • 2,000+Enterprise Migrations
  • 400+Petabytes Safely Transported
  • 400,000+Servers of all Makes