Features of Vicom Solutions

Vicom’s total migration solution is designed to excel in time-sensitive, mission-critical enterprise data environments. Our data migration appliance (DMA) is the fastest architecture in the industry — 10X faster than host-based models. Scalable transfer speeds can be achieved by employing multiple DMAs to meet virtually any timeframe requirements without impacting the performance of attached hosts or compromising ongoing operational efficiency.

With Vicom, you offload the operational and resource burden from your department onto our expert team and purpose-built technology. Our solutions increase your productivity, minimize risk and reduce costs — like simultaneous charges for old and new storage, or paying for a lease extension.

  • Maintain business continuity
  • Migrate Application in Full
  • Migrate with Minimum Change
  • Complex Migration Made Simple
  • Ideal Solution for Legacy Systems

Maintain Business Continuity

Only Vicom’s appliance-powered migration offers the capability to simultaneously maintain RPO, RTO and snapshot retention policies for both old and new storage from migration’s start to end, removing the need to break SYNC and ASYNC replication for data migration. 

Migrate Application in Full

Migrate an entire business application spanning multiple servers and storage systems in one session using the DMA rather than migrating data server by server. The typical business application consists of 10s to 100s of servers, and an outage in one server could impact the entire application. Our DMA solution can migrate 10s to 100s of servers spanning multiple storage systems at the same time to ensure your applications run without interruption.

Migrate with Minimum Change

Whether migrating data from old systems to new within the same data center, offsite or to a private cloud, Vicom’s solutions operate without requiring changes to your system. By migrating data at the storage area network level, the Vicom DMA eliminates server-level changes at the OS, multipath, logical volume manager, file system, database and application levels. No software or agent is installed on your servers, and the appliance does not use server CPU or memory. The DMA’s insertion requirements are minimal and flexible to fit your network topology.

Complex Migration Made Simple

Our appliance-based, block-level solutions migrate data at the block level LUN to LUN irrespective of the file system and data type. This makes it the ideal solution for many complex storage environments, like the ones below.

  • Millions of small files: Host-based migrations are very slow because parsing millions of small files (e.g., index files) itself takes hours.
  • Boot LUN migration: Boot LUNs enable server booting from the SAN. The DMA is well suited to migrate the server external boot LUN from old to new storage.
  • VMware RDM LUN: The DMA supports migrating RDM LUN of both stand-alone and cluster virtual machines.
  • Unlike host-based migration, the DMA preserves windows shares and file permission information.
  • Migrating cluster disks could be challenging due to disk signature issues. The DMA eliminates this problem by copying all data block by block, which means even the disk signatures of the source LUN are preserved during migration. The DMA even supports migrating complex high-availability cluster environments.
  • LUN with compressed and de-duped data is not well suited for host-based migration because migrating data requires reversing compression and de-duplication, which is very time-consuming. The DMA copies data as-is at the block level without altering the compressed and de-duped data.
  • Heterogeneous storage migration: The DMA is well-suited to migrate between different vendor arrays. In some cases, migration between arrays even from the same vendor is not supported due to technical or interoperability issues. The DMA is ideally placed to migrate between different storage platforms within the same vendor.

Ideal Solution for Legacy Systems

We control our migration appliance from end to end with no reliance on third-party providers, guaranteeing successful transfer and interoperability for legacy systems as well as the latest configurations. Our process is built on over two decades of successful block-level virtualization of thousands of systems, providing us with an extensive understanding of legacy compatibility.

Migrate Within Data Centers

Vicom offers the fastest, simplest and most reliable solutions for migrating data within a data center without jeopardizing application performance or data stability. Click here to learn more.

Migrate Between Data Centers

Using the Vicom DMA to migrate between data centers allows you to maintain transfer speed over distance and maintain current service levels while the migration is in progress. Click here to learn more.