Game Changing Data Migration Technology

The Vicom Data Migration Appliance (DMA) is a truly unique tool that has been granted seven patents — a purpose-built hardware system embedded with storage area network (SAN) virtualization technology capable of providing non-disruptive data copying at fiber channel line speeds. With this appliance, we can completely offload the work of data migration from your servers and storage. 

The Vicom DMA uses storage block-level data copy to migrate data to new storage platforms. This ensures the preservation of file system structures and information regardless of operating systems and storage, which eliminates worries regarding file versions, timestamps and permissions. 

Today, our offerings deliver on the long-standing promise of SANs: seamless consolidation, any-to-any connection, simplified management and high availability.


Purpose Built Appliance

Our hardware has been approved for data migration use by the top storage suppliers and has proven itself in thousands of successful migrations for a wide range of commercial and government clients.

The Vicom DMA is designed specifically to allow data center professionals to move data quickly, easily and securely from one storage platform to another. A single DMA has a native transfer rate far greater than any other migration method, and multiple appliances can be clustered together to meet the performance needs of the most demanding data migrations.

The Benefits of Vicom DMA

With security and peace of mind comes simplicity and speed. The Vicom DMA offloads the drain on your system resources and personnel that come with traditional data migration methodologies. 

In a heterogeneous operating system environment, the DMA’s block-based storage transfer eliminates the need for different OS-dependent software tools and tedious remediation steps that often cause data migrations to go over deadlines and budgets.

When your project is time-critical, the Vicom solution excels at hassle-free, on-schedule, on-budget storage data migration.

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The Appliance Based Methodology

1. The DMA copies data from the source storage system to the destination storage system on a LUN-to-LUN basis. This lets the server access and interact with the storage while the data is migrating. From a server’s point of view, the introduction of a DMA is equivalent to adding source storage paths to the LUNs.

2. Data migration begins when the operator matches the source and destination LUNs and activates the DMA Pilot. The appliance performs full baseline data replication while monitoring any data changes in the source storage during migration.

3. Once baseline migration is complete, incremental synchronization of changed data can take place to reduce the amount of data transferred during the final cutover.

4. Final cutover involves quiescing the migration servers, migrating the last changed data and performing remedial tasks such as OS patching and changing HBA firmware.

5. Our DMA is removed from your environment when migration is complete and server systems are reconfigured to access the new storage. Finally, server applications are restarted by accessing the new storage system.


Vicom DMA Pilot App

The Vicom DMA Pilot is an intuitive app designed for data transfer management. Migrating data from one storage to another is a complex operation. It involves tens to hundreds of servers, multiple storage systems and potentially thousands of LUNs.

Our DMA Pilot simplifies it all by providing automation tools that eliminate the time-consuming configuration and troubleshooting which makes even small-scale migrations difficult.

Testing the configuration against your migration plan, checking source and destination LUN sizes and verifying clean destination LUNs are all part of our DMA’s role in guiding you through the critical migration phases.

The advanced nature of our appliance coupled with our expert team’s experience will help your business avoid the potentially catastrophic human errors that can occur during migration.

100% Security with Vicom Data Migration Engines

The DMA houses two Vicom Data Migration Engines (DMEs) in a compact 1U chassis that can easily be installed wherever and whenever you need it. Each engine allows optimized data copying, moving data at wire speeds without any assistance from the host CPU. The DME contains a permanently embedded Flash to hold a minimal footprint and a real-time OS with high-speed RAM used as buffering for host IO and migration data traffic. 

No user data is stored persistently in the hardware and our DME does not provide any user-accessible function to access data from storage systems. We also don’t utilize any hard or solid-state disc drives, avoiding further avenues that could compromise your data security.