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One of the biggest points of resistance to adopting new storage technology is the difficult task of migrating data from the existing environment to the new environment. Storage migrations are inherently disruptive, complex and unpredictable. Typically, the timeline, budget and overall success of the project cannot be guaranteed because this is one of the most challenging migrations to perform.

These projects no longer affect just one server or one set of applications. Migrations now have the potential to affect many servers and the entire business. With demand for 24×7 uptime and connections to a heterogeneous mix of application servers, migrating storage has become one of the most complicated and convoluted IT tasks to perform.

As anyone who migrates data centers quickly learns, data migration entails far more than moving data. In today’s complex migrations, having a high-speed data mover is a necessary, but insufficient. Vicom addresses this solution gap by integrating years of migration delivery experience with specialized technology.

Vicom provides fast, guaranteed consulting services for migration projects powered by our own data migration appliance. Our solution brings predictability to the chaos of storage migration by tightly integrating the appliance with proven solution architecture and expert implementation. We guide your project step-by-step from initial query to migrating data to new storage.

How it Works

Every opportunity starts with a simple QA discussion where we quickly determine if our solution is a fit for your unique needs. A quote is provided within 24 hours if the fit is right. We then work with you to identify your requirements and architect a solution with a clearly defined timeline and project steps. The solution includes interoperability, verification, risk mitigation, configuration and the number of appliances needed. Depending on your staffing, we can perform the data migration service or train your team to perform the migration.

Vicom’s game-changing Data-Migration Appliance (DMA) and decades of experience as industry innovators allow us to provide unparalleled services and insight for your next migration project. Fully optimized, flexible and easy to use — Vicom is the total solution for storage data migration.


The Data Migration Appliance

One of many industry firsts Vicom has developed and implemented, DMA is  a unique, purpose-built migration engine that makes storage migration projects scalable, predictable and fast.


Vicom Consulting Services

Vicom’s team of expert migration consultants brings over 20 years of experience from thousands of successful enterprise storage projects to every customer we serve. Learn more about how they can make sure your migration is a complete success, from project planning and architecture to implementation, troubleshooting and support.